Crime, spy and dystopian fiction.
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Revenge: The Fall of Louis Turner

Genre: Crime - Published By: - Sun Nov 17 2019 - 350 Pages.    

Revenge: The Fall of Louis Turner - Price: €0.99

Louis Turner takes the law into his own hands, to avenge the actions of a rapist after the failure of the police to bring him to justice. His half-brother Henry comes to stay with him as his girlfriend had thrown him out. Henry is an ex-convict and lends his streetwise skills to Louis after reprisals by the Mercer gang for Louis’s revenge attack. Louis grew in poverty in London’s East End and his mother, Simone, his half-brother Henry and his two uncles were all criminals. Louis hated this life and left after he got a scholarship to university. It took him more than 15 years as a struggling writer before he eventually managed to produce a successful novel. That was followed with a string of successful books for many years until his creative well ran dry in 2015. As he struggled to write anything of value, his finances drained, and by 2018 he was on the edge of bankruptcy. Louis’s revenge for the attack on his neighbour is the catalyst which changes his life forever. It catapults him into a life of crime from which he thought he’d escaped many years earlier.

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