Crime, spy and dystopian fiction.

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Revenge: The Fall of Louis Turner

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Genre: Crime   -  Published By: - Nov 17 2019 - 350 Pages.       - 

Louis Turner takes the law into his own hands, to avenge the actions of a rapist after the failure of the police to bring him to justice. But it’s the catalyst which changes his life forever. All he wanted was the continuation of his comfortable life when he was a successful writer. But now he has lost his muse, got into serious debt, is facing bankruptcy and death threats from a vicious London crime gang. His streetwise ex-con brother, Henry comes to stay and maybe he can help him. But it catapults Louis into a life of crime from which he thought he’d escaped many years earlier. If you liked the Vengeance short story, you will love this expansion to a full-length novel.


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