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Just three items… September 2019 Newsletter
Image of book cover for new novel: Revenge


There are just three items in this month’s newsletter:

  • Advance details about my new book
  • New daily "Crime Stories" news aggregator web page
  • Special offer valid for five days

"Revenge" - available in October 2019

Right now, my copy-editor is working her magic on my new book. I expect "Revenge: The Fall of Louis Theron" to be published by mid-October 2019. It will be available on this website, first, a week before it is available on Amazon, Google, and Kobo. There will be a special price reduction for subscribers.

If you enjoyed the free eBook short story "Vengeance", then you’ll love the full-length novel "Revenge". It is a greatly expanded story of Louis Theron, the washed-up writer who gets sucked into a life of crime, from which he thought he'd escaped. It starts with him dealing with the consequences of his revenge attack on Ed Mercer, a rapist who avoided prison. Then Louis is drawn back to his criminal roots due to an unfortunate set of circumstances and the bad influence of his half-brother Henry.

Daily Crime Stories

Real and fictional crime stories are published continuously across the internet. This news aggregator page collects all the crime story news every day and makes it available in one location.

CrimeStories: Https://  

Save this link in your favourites because it's not visible on the menu and is only available to subscribers.

CrimeStories gives you a list of images, summaries and links to crime-related articles all around the net. Each day there are  new articles, and it displays about 100 links, which is approximately a week's worth of crime stories.

You can also search the archive and find crime story articles going back over the last year. Try searching for "criminal" or "killing" or "crime", and you'll get lots of links.

Please remember that CrimeStories is just a specialised news aggregator site, and the links point to the actual content on other websites. is not connected to any of these other sites.

Special Offer (5 days only)

This month’s special offer is a reduction of the price of the Crime Spy Box-set to €3.99, so you save €3.00. You have already received Book 1 for free, and now you can get Books 2 and 3 for the price of one book, i.e. €3.99. Use the discount code 


when buying the box-set and make sure the discount has been applied before you buy.

This special offer is only for five days and ends on 14/9/2019.

Buy the Box-Set:  

That’s all for this month. See you again in October, just before the launch of my new book.

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Enjoy and happy reading,

Frank Daly,